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Hello, I am Victoria Indie Shilongo

Here's a little story about me

My journey: From Darkness to Empowerment


I'm the heart and soul behind Empowered Feminine. Thank you for being here, here is my story from trials to triumphs.


As a teenager and all the way into adulthood, my path was clouded by challenges that many face but few speak about openly. I dealt with the demons of addiction, battling alcohol and substance abuse, and the daunting shadows of depression and anxiety. Life seemed an endless tunnel with no light in sight. But as fate would have it, my mid-life crisis, a phase I once dreaded, turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

The Turning Point: Embodying my authentic self.


The most pivotal moment in my life was when I discovered and mastered the art of reinventing myself. It was a process of shedding the layers that no longer served me and embracing my alter ego - not a different person, but rather my higher self.

This renewal was deeply rooted in reconnecting with God, and stepping into my feminine essence, a powerful force I had long been disconnected from.

Stepping into my royal identity in Jesus Christ marked a new beginning. It was like awakening to a new dawn, filled with possibilities and a deeper understanding of my true potential. This blog, Empowered Feminine, is a reflection of that awakening. It's a space where I share my journey of rediscovery and guide you to reconnect with your own royal essence.

Empowered Feminine: A Home of Strength and Wisdom


This blog serves as a safe space for every woman who seeks to rediscover her inner strength and elevate her feminine glow.

Here, I share the wisdom that lit my path, hoping it will illuminate yours too.

My love for education and nurturing has been a part of me since childhood. I fondly recall running an informal daycare, a place where I first discovered the joy of teaching and caring. Though life steered me towards Accounting, my heart always yearned to educate and empower. This blog is the pathway of that longing - a space where I can pass down the wisdom and insights that I dearly wished someone had shared with me as I navigated the difficulties of life.

A Sisterhood of Empowerment and Healing


In this journey, I've learned an invaluable truth - we are never alone. The sisterhood that lifted me from my dark hole is a gift I wish to extend to you.

Through Empowered Feminine, I hope to be the guiding light for those who find themselves lost in life's difficult paths.


I firmly believe every woman has the innate ability to heal herself, reinvent her life, and lead a fulfilling, purposeful life.

Victoria Shilongo

Our Mission

At Empowered Feminine, we are on a mission to uplift and enlighten women worldwide.

Our goal is to remind souls of their true royal identity in Jesus Christ and create a united community grounded in love and service.


We are dedicated to nurturing and educating young girls and women, empowering them to lead their best lives. Through our content and guidance, we strive to reconnect them with their Creator, encouraging a life of abundance and self-fulfillment.


We are committed to reminding women of their innate ability to heal, care for themselves, nurture others, and achieve financial freedom.

We believe that when women are empowered, they become unstoppable forces for the greater good of humanity.

Our Vision

Global Sisterhood: Create a worldwide network of empowered, enlightened women.

Be a Beacon of Hope: Inspire and guide towards self-discovery and healing.

Leaders of Love and Prosperity: Envision women leading with love and contributing to societal prosperity.

Abundant Living: Advocate for a life of abundance, self-care, and financial independence.

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